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There’s Nothing Like It In The Known Universe

After three years of intense development, careful engineering and unwavering perseverance – and numerous cutting experiments, the 100 facets TSL Estrella Diamond was born. The TSL Estrella Diamond has 37 facets on the crown and 63 facets on the pavilion, the natural splendour of which results in the incomparable 9 ‘Hearts’ and ‘Blossom’ pattern.

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The overall weight of the premium gemstones selected for TSL Estrella Diamonds are typically up to 17% more than conventional 58-facet cut diamonds. With such a unique combination, every TSL Estrella Diamond is an incomparable example of the exquisite interaction of light within one of nature’s purest and most unadulterated gemstones.


TSL Estrella Diamonds Rated “Unique” in all GemEx Reports

Estrella Uniqueness 02 Each TSL Estrella Diamond comes with a certification from International Gemological Institute (IGI) and GemEx Systems, Inc. (GemEx), each the global standard for gem testing, certifying, and light transmission performance.

Estrella Uniqueness 03Of all the reports issued so far worldwide by GemEx, only a small percentage of all diamonds measured for ‘light performance’ have rated a ‘3 Very High’ (3VH) rating. Most TSL Estrella Diamonds enjoy a ‘Very High’ rating in all three measures of light performance: brilliance, fire and sparkle; and a substantial number of TSL Esterlla Diamonds have even rated a spectacular ‘Very High +’. The architecture of the TSL Estrella Diamond is so unique, it can only be achieved by the consummate skill and expertise of a top-tier master cutter.


Crafted for Perfection

Estrella Uniqueness 04The Estrella Ring is a masterpiece in every sense of the world. It is crafted for perfection. The 90-degree edge reflects its bold personality. Its superior polish is testimony to the finest European precision-technology. The space between the bottom of the diamond and the prongs, the work of master designer, flawlessly maximizes the reflection and refraction of light from the diamond’s every facet, causing it to dazzle and shine from every angle. Such an amazing display of brilliance can only be crafted from love.