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Apr, 2011

TSL Estrella x Willard Wigan "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Micro-sculpture First-in-Asia Exhibition
Langham Place, Mong Kok from 8 April to 10 April Debut of The World's Most Precious Diamond Micro-sculpture Art Piece "The Starry Lovers"

TSL today unveiled its highlight event of the year – TSL Estrella x Willard Wigan "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Micro-sculpture First-in-Asia Exhibition– at Langham Place, Mong Kok. The world-renowned micro-sculpture artist Mr. Willard Wigan was in Hong Kong to officiate at the Opening Ceremony at Langham Place, together with Mrs. Annie Yau Tse, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TSL, Mr. Lambert Chan, Chief Operating Officer of TSL, and celebrity Ms. Annie Liu to unveil the world's most precious diamond micro-sculpture "The Starry Lovers".

The Exhibition will open for the public from 8 April to 10 April with free admission, allowing the people of Hong Kong to witness the world-class micro-sculptures. Moreover, the Exhibition showcases invaluable Estrella diamond jewellery masterpieces and trendy and innovative Estrella diamond crossover pieces. Apart from the wondrous exhibits, visitors can feel and experience the unique and astonishing beauty of TSL's Estrella Diamond via advanced and interactive technologies at the exhibition.

At the Opening Ceremony, Mrs. Tse said, "We're very pleased to have brought 'The Eighth Wonder of the World' micro-sculpture art pieces to Hong Kong and Asia for the first time. TSL Jewellery's exquisite craftsmanship is very much in sync with the astonishing micro-sculpture skills of Willard. We hope the community will have the opportunity to appreciate the superb quality of both art forms via this Exhibition, especially through this world's most precious diamond micro-sculpture art."

The world-renowned micro-sculpture artist Mr. Wigan remarked, "I'm very delighted to collaborate with TSL Jewellery, which allows me to hold my first exhibition in Asia, taking my artistic career to the next level. I was amazed by TSL's unique 100-facet Estrella diamond which features a "Nine Hearts & One Blossom" pattern, and was inspired to make something that was as detailed but 'just a little bit smaller', which is 'The Starry Lovers' as you can see today."

The World's Most Precious Micro-sculpture Art Piece – "The Starry Lovers"
To commemorate the collaboration with TSL, Willard specially made a precious micro-sculpture art piece, "The Starry Lovers", for its world debut in Hong Kong. The art piece perfectly features a man giving his loved one his heart to cement their eternal love for each other. Not only has the artist created his art to sit on an Estrella Diamond, he has gone even further to adorn the lady with an Estrella grand piece necklace and bracelet. And if you were able to get even closer with a more powerful microscope you would see the lady even has painted fingernails.

Innovative and Stylish Jewellery Brand with the Latest Interactive Technology
As an innovative and stylish jewellery brand, TSL is committed to raising the bar for the traditional jewellery industry by introducing more creative elements and keeping ahead of market trends, so as to bring dazzling surprises to the public and provide brand new products and services to fulfill customer needs.

In this Exhibition, TSL for the first time integrates the Estrella diamond with trendy devices including iPad and Bluetooth earphone, showcasing unexpected and creative crossover products. TSL will also introduce latest interactive technologies to allow visitors to experience the splendid Estrella diamond in a new and intriguing way.

Asia Exhibition Tour's First Stop – Hong Kong
TSL selected Hong Kong as the first stop of the Asia Exhibition Tour, allowing the people of Hong Kong to first witness the micro-sculpture art pieces which are widely described as "The Eighth Wonder of the World", together with the splendid Estrella diamond jewellery masterpieces. In order to let people in different places have the opportunity to appreciate these astonishing micro-sculpture art pieces and TSL's beautiful jewellery, the exhibition will roll out to other Asian cities with Shanghai coming next.

Witness the Birth of Estrella Diamonds in Belgium
TSL Jewellery and Visa are jointly holding a scratch-card lucky draw campaign. From now until 15 May 2011, customers who make purchases of HK$5,000 or above for any jewellery products using a Visa card in TSL Jewellery shops will get 1 scratch lucky draw card. 10 scratch lucky draw cards will be offered to customers who purchase Estrella diamond products. Customers may have a chance to win a trip to Belgium (for 2 persons), free spending credit and other fabulous prizes, with a total value of over HK$3 million.

About TSL Estrella x Willard Wigan "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Micro-sculpture Asia Exhibition
Date: 8 April – 10 April, 2011 (Friday to Sunday)
Time: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Venue: L4, Grand Atrium, Langham Place Shopping Mall, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok

  • The world's most precious micro-sculpture featuring the Estrella Diamond by Mr. Willard Wigan – The Starry Lovers
  • Splendid Estrella diamond jewellery masterpieces
  • Trendy and innovative Estrella diamond crossover pieces
  • Advanced and interactive technologies allowing visitors to feel and experience the astonishing and unique beauty of Estrella
  • A series of world-renowned micro-sculpture art pieces first shown in Asia

About micro-sculpture artist Willard Wigan

  • An internationally renowned micro-sculpture artist from Birmingham, England
  • His work being considered by many as the "Eighth Wonder of the World"
  • Awarded by the Queen of England the prestigious MBE (Member of the British Empire) in honour of his services to the Arts in 2007
  • An art world sensation with his micro-sculptures that measure smaller than a human blood cell
  • His official website: http://www.willard-wigan.com/

About Estrella Diamond
Estrella is jointly developed by TSL and the world's leading diamond manufacturer, Rosy Blue. With its perfect 100-facet cutting and the unique "Nine Hearts & One Blossom" pattern, it produces a breakthrough in the level of sparkle amongst conventional diamonds creating the most brilliant sparkle you have ever seen.